daily deelite

today i am filled to the brim with gratitude for...

1. those constant-yet-unexpected reminders that family really is something meaningful, and that i am part of a great one.

2. the fact that like attracts like. i woke up deciding to be confident, to feel energized and positive, and i was. and it was felt by others around me.

3. relaxing conversation on the porch in the evening, with laughter, family and friends, and hookah.

4. summertime. by the Funk, i love the warm weather...

5. naps on the couch. thanks to the revelationary (and revolutionary) breakthrough i've had using the holosync technology, falling and remaining asleep are no longer unconquerable challenges. i had the most wonderful nap that i can remember in a very long time. after fourteen years of insomnia, i feel like an exile finally returning home. naps are so wonderful, especially when there are many purring, happy kitties piled atop you while you sleep.

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