daily deelite

i know i haven't posted any of my "gratitude with attitude" posts lately, but then that's one of the things i'm grateful for...

1. ...having such a full life that i've been too busy or not at home to post about what i'm grateful for! doesn't mean i'm not grateful, just that i'm out enjoying my life.

2. unexpected days off to focus on myself and what's important to me.

3. i'm grateful for the summer heat. it really does me a lot of good to stand outside for a few minutes and recharge my solar batteries. all that "vitamin sun" really does my soul good.

4. as ever, i'm grateful for my family. there are so many ways i'm grateful for them, but this time i'm thankful for their understanding. i love being with people who get me, y'know?

5. i'm grateful for the chance to get up and try again, no matter what my situation is. the universe is infinite and forgiving, abundant and faithful, and always gives you as many chances as you could ever want and need.

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