daily deelite

i woke up today and it was incredible. there've been such phenominal changes in my mind and heart, that i think today the concept of "waking up in gratitude" really, finally, began to solidify for me.

1. i am filled with gratitude for the absolutely gorgeous day it is outside. i can't wait to step through my front door and into this beautiful sunshine, blue sky, brilliantly green trees of every shade imaginable, fresh oregon air, and possibilities.

2. i am grateful for our kitties. my boy loves me so much, and looks at me with the expectation of love and affection...and that's all he wants. he asks me to spend time with him, and sometimes he'll even say, "mom, can we have time just the two of us?" and he'll look at my bedroom door, trill, and rub up against my leg, twine around my ankles. so i'll let him in, close the door, and we'll curl up on my bed. he'll stretch out, purring as loud as he possibly can, and i'll just scratch under his chin and rub his ears, pet him, talk softly to him and tell him how much i love him and what a pretty kitty he is. then, when he's really happy, he'll take a bath and flop next to me and fall asleep purring. sometimes i'll fall asleep, too, and we just enjoy that time together. we do that again at bedtime sometimes. at least, as long as my bedtime doesn't coincide with "kitty daytona" and all he wants to do is play the perpetual game of chase with his brother and little sister.

3. i am so grateful for this new life i'm building. i've been thinking of richard and willow a lot lately, and all they used to tell me. yes, they were on the right track in a lot of ways, and what they were telling me finally makes sense. but i also see where they were wrong misguided, and went about things in a very ineffective fashion. i can also see how nothing they would've said or done could have helped because i wasn't in the place to understand at the time. their condemnation and blame wasn't what i needed, but i can understand how they could be so scornful simply because my intelligence made it seem as if i couldn't possibly not get it. but there's just no way to get a blind person to see with their eyes, no matter how brilliant they are; and that's what they were trying to do.

but now, not only do i see clearly, but i've exceeded their lessons by entire planes of thought. and all i am filled with is compassion for them, because now i can see how they were trapped in their own quagmires of ineffective and self-limiting mentalities as well. after all, they're only human.

4. but i am grateful for what they did for me.

5. i am grateful for love, in all its forms. if i am a revolutionary freedom fighter for truth, beauty, freedom, and love --the only things that truly exist and all else is illusion-- then "the greatest of these is Love."

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