daily deelite

1. thank you, universe, for wonderful friends that make it possible to throw mexican potluck parties entitled "Beanerfest 2008" where good homemade food, lots of drinkage, laughter, swimming, and relaxation take place. oh, and cheesecake.

2. i'm really grateful for cheesecake...

3. i'm grateful for those lovely moments on a warm summer night when i'm driving down mainstreet in my home town and i can smell the summer and night-blooming flowers like the most intoxicating-yet-tranquil incense Nature ever invented.

4. i'm sincerely grateful for a place to lay down my head every single night after such a wonderful, fun-filled day, and know i belong.

5. i'm grateful for the freedom to live my life as i want to, go where i want to, and be untethered to expand and explore my world. i just realized tonight that i know the portland area better than i knew orange county where i grew up and lived for twenty years. i could still get lost down there, but up here? in a >1500 sq. mi. area, i can't get lost. that's pretty incredible.

i'm home here.

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Anonymous said...

OK, trying to catch up here...what the hell are you on?
I want some!