CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): I predict you will have 32 dreams as you sleep in the coming week. In at least five of those adventures, you will be offered a chance to wield a magic hammer like the one that belonged to the Norse god Thor. You're under no obligation to use it, of course. But if you do, it could help you smite dream adversaries, from stupid giants to evil ducks to rash-covered devils. You could also take advantage of it to build things, like a dream house or a dream boat. The proper use of the hammer will be a constant test, since you'll have to be ever-alert and adaptable as you decide whether to employ it for destruction or creation.

well, you're right on the dreaming part, mr. brezsny. i've been dreaming intensely lately, and i attribute part of it to all of this Undiscovered Country i've been traversing lately.

however, as has been said before...

But nothing could prepare her for the new cast of characters she would soon encounter: the Reincarnated Totem Horde, the One with the Tie-Dyed Decoder Ring, the Jiggy Dreaming-Magic Guru, the Thunder Walkers... Suddenly she finds herself in a world where what was real isn't, what was dreams is solid, and the only place that's real is the space in-between.

perhaps it is no coincidence that thor just so happens to be the god of thunder, nor that he was also worshipped mainly by farmers. farmers build, provide, and nourish. thunder is the realm of the mighty.

i find myself among Thunder Walkers, being counted as one among them, honored and assisted and extended the standards expected of all Thunder Walkers. i am spoken to as a capable and enlightened equal, honored as a leader, encouraged and assisted as a full member of a group that sees itself as a very large community of equals and --i daresay-- family.

i am a Thunder Walker, wielding in my dreams the mighty Mjolnir. and i shall use it to build great things: i shall build success, relationships, the torque that marks a Thunder Walker. i shall use it to knock down the support beams of such things as stand in my way; things such as Fear, Insecurity, Doubt, Past Turmoil. i will knock down the foundations of the edifice that represents all that held me back, and light shall illumine all. it will brighten the path before me, and provide for me a new way to look at the universe.

i shall build, and nourish, and provide, in the land of the mighty.

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