Happy 300th Post, iGoddess!

actually, this is post #302, but two posts ago, iGoddess broke three hundred, baby, woo! and what was the post? this so rocks...the post was one of GRATITUDE!!!

how funkalicious is that? yay, me! we've come a long way, baby. i was tempted, for a whopping two seconds, to post snippets of where i was this time last year, and perhaps a few years ago. then i thought, "why? Delena of the Funkwild is not that person anymore!" i'm sitting here enjoying purely vegitarian dhaal and limewater while sitting and bs'ing with my lovely, rockin' siblings, just got out of a wickedly delicious shower after a fantasmic day at work...

...and i'm looking forward to a week-long vacation, baby, woo!

and after that? i'm going to part-time: saturdays and sundays only, while supplies last.

life effing rocks, i swear. and so, to celebrate all of this Funktastic, wonderlicious stuff, i present to you a bit of humor with a sweet surprise (aka "a lesson") packed away inside. kinda like a kinderegg, only for your eyes...

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Greg said...

lol! i love the part that says, 'and he's a rebel... but he always does what i tell him.'