CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): "You have to love life when you're in really deep trouble," said poet Robin Blaser. So what about if, on the other hand, you're in only shallow trouble? Do you have a mandate to just sort of *like* life a little more? Or can you, with a little work, exploit the mild disturbance that the shallow trouble provides in order to dramatically pump up your adoration of life? I hope that your actions in the coming week, Capricorn, will be a big "yes" in response to that question. I'm happy to tell you that you can wangle a big boost from a small inconvenience.

hmm, "mild disturbance..." y'know, yesterday i wrote quite a bit at Freedom Revolution about a certain mild disturbance that didn't feel quite so mild. it seemed quite huge, actually. really huge. in retrospect, however, it was less about an external "huge" problem and more about conquering myself.

and what a big boost it was!

of course, that doesn't have to be the only area in my life where i'm ankle-deep in the Teenie-Weenie Wading Pool of Troubled Waters and worrying about tsunamis. i still worry about paring down to two days a week at the salon while, conversely, i'm counting down the four weekends left that i have there. and it's not even as if i'm looking forward to anything grandiose. quite the opposite. i've resolved to take the first free weekend i have and i'm going down to saturday market downtown. it's a fun-filled weekend of bohippian funk and gypsy caravan flair, something my soul hasn't gotten enough of in two years.

i am determined!

but really, that's about all the trouble my fabulicious pronoiac self can conjure at the moment. not that i'm complaining...

everywhere else, in every way else, things are only getting better.

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Brandi said...

hey, thanks for checking out my blog and for the gorgeous compliment on 'confetti'! :-)

I adore your blog! I adore the meaning of igoddess!!!

will continue to read more and more and more...