daily deelite

1. one thing i've always loved is night driving. i am so grateful for the peace, warm night breezes, and soothing atmosphere of a good night drive...

2. i'm grateful for a fully tummy and a life of plenty. so many people in the world don't have a fraction of what i have.

3. i'm eternally grateful for dinner nite at the parents'. it's one of my ultimately favoritest things in the whole, wide world. even if it's the most normal evening ever, i will never get tired of just existing in the presence of my parents; feeling safe, loved, and nurtured never goes out of style.

4. i'm grateful for my dad's cooking. he effing rocks in the kitchen, i swear.

5. i know i say this a lot, but it always bears repeating: my capacity for gratitude towards my family, and their love, continually grows. i am so thankful to be surrounded by the family that i have.

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