what delena's been up to

there's been a revolution taking place here at iGoddess, and i know there've been a few of you scratching your heads wondering just where it's come from, what i've been doing, and what i've been on.

to quote that totally cheesy cliché, i'm just high on life, baby! =)

but honestly, there's been a lot going on this last month. a lot. and i've been up to my eyeballs devoting so much of myself to these new changes, challenges, and commitments. i think the results have been more than obvious here, and the inner transformations that have been taking place.

everyone knows that iGoddess, in many of its incarnations, has been devoted to real personal growth. not to harp on the past, but i had a very challenging childhood and adolescence. there were a lot of obstacles and traumas that had stacked life unfavorably for me, and i've dedicated my life to overcoming all of that and being the person i've always wanted to be.

well, now i've made it a business.

my business...

...that i work from home...

...and i quit the grooming job to do it.

that's how much i believe in what i'm doing now. on the 16th, i went in to work and gave my notice. this is my vacation right now, but after a few weeks of part time that's gonna be it. i'm done there. instead of worrying or gritting my teeth about that great-job-turned-toxic-relationship and riding it out until it devours me from the inside out as the old me would have done, i just put it down and walked away. i put it down, walked away, and devoted myself to building something i believe in so strongly i've walked away from a dependable paycheck.

me. me! i mean, sheesh. remember when i couldn't let go of a petty insult, let alone letting go of a career that once made me so proud? and i just let it go.

and i've been so high on this empowerment, just riding the thermals i've discovered in the realm of belief in myself and in the universe. i think i've conveyed a little of that in my posts the last few weeks.

i made the decision to truly live my life as Delena of the Funkywild. i made the choice to truly be a Revolutionary Freedom Fighter for Beauty, Truth, and Finding the Funk. i made the commitment to myself to Be a successful leader, Do the things a successful leader would do, and Have the things a successful leader would have. it may seem cheesy to a pop nihilist, but i really do watch that movie i made every day when i wake up, before i go to bed, and several times in between; i meant what i said about coming into alignment with myself and i practice it; i wrote affirmations on post-its and have them all over my bathroom mirrors, and i do read them aloud whenever i'm in there (which is great when i'm putting on make-up!); i recite "the optimist's creed" by christian d. larson every day; i listen to holosync every night before going to bed; i work my own personal development product --workbook and journaling-- every day; i start every day with a business conference call that lifts me up, gets my head on straight, and is better than a cup of morning coffee.

in fact, it's replaced my morning caffeine. and i make that phone call without getting out of bed unless i feel like it!

yes, it sounds like a lot, but most of these only take a few minutes out of my day. and considering how crazy and busy things can get in life, i can't afford not to take the time to get myself in the right frame of mind. and it's only attracted so much positivity and abundance into my life, and has truly opened doors of opportunity for me. i've left everything behind that didn't serve me and propel me further in my mission to better myself, help others, and manifest every good thing i could ever dream of having in my life.

if it doesn't lift me up, it simply isn't in my life anymore. in fact, anything that drags you down --from people to jobs to your own thoughts-- is pretty dang useless if you ask me.

this included the grooming job, so i dropped it.

welcome to the Freedom Revolution, baby.

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