daily deelite

1. thank you, universe, for hugs, kisses, and delena pettin's. ultra-tactile people like me just can't live without 'em!

2. fresh popcorn has got to be one of your better inventions, universe. it's fun to make, fun to listen when it pops, fun to salt and toss, and fun to eat!

3. thank you, also, for good days at work. taking life one day at a time, if all i have is Now to define how my life is, then my life is Funktacular and every day is the best day of my life!

4. and oh hilarious and fun-stuffed Jiggy Snake of Multiversal Yayfun, THANK YOU for fwapping some guys upside the head with your Uber Fwappy Tail of Cosmic OMGWTF, thus inspiring them to invent Pandora.com!

5. and lastly, have i mentioned yet how filled-to-the-brim thankful i am for such things as hot showers, loofah gloves (yay, exfoliation!), and japanese cherry blossom body everythings from bath and body works? i step out of the shower feeling like an incredible, beautiful, lucious sakura goddess!

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Jane said...

#2: POPCORN ROCKS! I used to have a large bowl of popcorn with butter, garlic salt, pepper and parmesan cheese every day at 3 when I was pregnant with my son. I still sneak it in at 11 pm from time to time :)