daily deelite

1. i'm grateful for siblings who know me inside and out. this afternoon i met *ds* and *ks* for lunch, and they had gifties for me...for bringing a new world of gratitude and positivity to their door. and waiting for me at home was another cute little giftie: a car freshener in the shape of a pink sandal, complete with little pink flower. it's friggin' adorable!

2. thank you, centerpointe, for lovely biblio-surprises in the mailbox for me this afternoon.

3. i am grateful for whoever invented strawberry shortcakes... they're even better with oregon blackberries!

4. i'm filled with gratitude for new friends who believe in and encourage me with sincere faith in me. it builds me up so incredibly.

5. thank you, universe, for absolutely gorgeous days...

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Az said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July, Sunshine! :p