daily deelite

there's so much awesomeness today!!! daily deelites is dedicated to my fone. (this one's for you, *ks*...)

1. i love my phone! i'm so happy that someone had the lovely idea to make such a wonderful piece of equipment, and then to make it pink!!! not only is it an mp3 player (with an option for a 50 meg memory card!!!), but it's also a camera (my last one wasn't and i felt left out, lol), has a wonderful speaker (speakerfone on my other one was kinda buzzy), and it just has all these little teenie, insignificant perks and qualities to it that just make me love it soooo much!

2. i love how streamlined it is, how thin and cute and small. it's slightly wider than my old phone, but it's sleek.

3. i love the ringers and other sound features it has! my old ringer was "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" because it's, like, sooo me, y'know? it just fit. but this ringer is also me. it's kinda club, but also with a hint of disco to it. i get the urge to dance whenever my phone rings!

4. the volume settings on my phone make me grateful every single day for this little slinky pinky. everyone knows i'm the world's lightest sleeper, so the quietest sounds wake me up. even the sound of kitty paws on the carpet are enough to jolt me out of sleep. going through the sound bytes on my phone, i found the gentlest alarm i could, and on the lowest setting, it's just enough to wake me up without scaring the crap outta me, and making me start every day with adrenaline-jolting, heart-stopping action. instead, i wake with a smile.

5. the screen saver makes me happy, too. in keeping with my new habit to visualize my dreams to help them manifest in my life, my screen saver has a pic of a guy sitting on a lopsided palm tree in the tropics. it's an awesome picture, and every time i see it i think, "that's me, 'cept for the being a guy part. that's me in fiji/tahiti/the bahamas. behind the camera is my house, and that beach right there? that's my back yard..." my phone constantly reminds me exactly what it is i'm working toward.

oh, my phone! i love my phone! it's so cute and pink and treats me so well... <-- ode to my phone.

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