too excited

after much musing, stressing, panicking, ranting, brainstorming, studying, experimenting, and spending, i think my internet advertising is finally beginning to get off the ground with Freedom Revolution.

lemme just say that GoogleAds is a *****. <--censored

it's been a very enlightening journey so far.

but not only are some of my ads up in place and working (i'm getting emails and phone calls from real people interested! huzzah!), but i even have a blog up and running. i'm still debating what to put the focus on. i know pretty much only three or four people comment on this blog, like, ever. but still, if at all possible, perhaps a little help and feedback? i really would appreciate input on what you guys think the focus should be over on Freedom Revolution's blog.

should it be the aspect of my struggles, trials, and triumphs in building my internet marketing empire? should it be focusing more on the pleasure of helping the people i meet in taking control of their own lives and building their own financial freedom? should it be on the personal growth potential of what Freedom Revolution has to offer? a mix of all three? or something else altogether?

i haven't really had any travel or phenominally wealthy experiences yet, like some of my colleagues with their own blogs. so it's not like i can say, "hey! i just got back from hawai'i and here are some great pictures!" or anything like that. not yet, anyway. but i don't want to be just a mimic of what's already out there, especially since some of the greatest of the Thunder Walkers can express some of the things i do better than i can right now. they've been doing it longer, are already self-made millionaires, and handle the Entrepreneur Biz 101 calls as it is.

so anyway, the link's on my blogroll now. feedback, questions, opinions, anything at all would be appreciated.

thanks again!

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